PDCA stands for Plan-Do-Check-Act (sometimes Plan-Do-Check-Adjust) and provides a holistic framework for identifying and solving … Advanced Problem Solving: Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt (CEU Credits: 2.1),Advanced Problem Solving: Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt (LSSYB) training will develop the skills … CEDAC is one among many lean manager’s problem solving techniques … From a problem solving standpoint, the problem is not production or service, instead the problem is providing the best processes of production. At the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center, our Lean Manufacturing Training Program offers techniques and strategies for trimming waste and increasing your organization’ overall productivity. PDCA problem solving cycle The first Lean tool we will discuss is the PDCA cycle, a Lean management tool used to operationalize continuous improvement. Problem solving and analysis forms an integral part of continuous improvement and allows the appropriate selection of kaizen, process analysis and lean concepts not only to solve problems but to uncover hidden opportunities and areas which are under performing. Problem solving and Problem analysis tools. Many problems presented to operations managers, engineers, consultants and lean … The key to problem-solving is often not complex analytical techniques, but regular communication at team meetings such as this one and simple PDCA problem solving using 5 Whys and Concern Strips Over the past year, we have noticed that some of the most popular blogs and Linked In posts that we have made have been around problem-solving. In this manner, there is continuous improvement in the product and services, and in lessening or totally eradicating waste.
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