Cottage cheese, on the other hand, is great source of lean, slow digesting protein, making this suitable for breakfasts and daily snacks. Put everything into blender and pour in some milk. Mixed Fruits Smoothie With Cottage Cheese. 1 orange, 1 banana, 1 apple, 1 slice of ananas, 200g (7oz) of cottage cheese, 1dcl (0.2 pint) of low fat milk, 3 whole grain chocolate flavoured cookies, 1 tbsp of flaxseed oil. gelatin, fresh orange juice, coconut extract, cottage cheese and 4 more The Zesty Caulicokin Smoothie Hurry the food up vanilla, cottage cheese, pureed pumpkin, erythritol, cake, frozen strawberries and 8 … Mixed fruits smoothies and shakes are great refreshing drinks that can be made in no time with available fruits and other foods. Preparing a smoothie… Peel a banana and an orange, wash the apple and carrot and cut a medium sized slice of ananas (about 1cm / 0,4 inch thick).
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