Ian, Just wanted to say a fantastic post. I am currently at that tricky chimney stage of mine …. That makes my concrete slab 1300mm front to back and 950mm wide. The cooking at this stage is from the stored heat in the base and dome. etc. Good luck, the chimney base where it meets the dome is kind of tricky, but thankfully it seems to come together on the job (but a devil to describe!) Ian Plus, it’s a pizza oven outside, different rules from anything you’d build inside which needs to be 100% bulletproof in the leak department! 20/10/2020 at 3:24 pm. Dunk and shake off any excess water and sweep… quickly! (30 inch wide/15″ high oven needs a 9 1/2″ tall door or thereabouts). I will enclose photo’s as I build but that won’t be for 2-3 months yet. That’s all folks! Looking forward to seeing any pics you take. Plus it extended the heat up time as the water boiled off. It’s obvious to me now, but of course the metal pipe expands much more than the brickwork. Right now, this is my favorite outdoor pizza oven. Good luck. To support the last few courses I used some old drywall pieces cut to the radius and stacked inside the dome. Which, I have to admit was an absolute delight to do. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to seeing a response from you! All my bricks were cut with a brick hammer and dressed a little with a ‘scutch’ hammer, but then don’t forget I’m a bricklayer by trade, so I might have made that look easier than it might be for you…. I’ve wanted a wood fired pizza oven of my very own since I was in Rwanda back in 2007. It works perfectly I must admit. Click the book to learn all about your lath and plaster... Ian. With everything I build, I think ‘how can this fail’ and ‘where will it fail’ etc. I take it concrete would be no good? Let me know if you meant something else, I wasn’t sure where you meant to be honest! Brace the outriggers down onto the frame itself. Triangles, the more the better! I went for a weaker, cement/ lime based mortar on the thinking that a softer lime based mortar will cope better with the inevitable expansion. But for arguments sake I’ll count them all as half bricks, and in that case I used around 160 half bricks (so 80 whole ones). Awesome. After a few weeks under an airy cover, start firing the oven with a tiny fire each day for a week and then some bigger ones. Actually I think I made it 3 leca to make it super strong. youtube.com/Pompeii Italian Brick Pizza Oven Construction This means I can’t carry out my original plan of mosaic tile (since that will crack also). very tough. I chose to do this inside the dome as I thought building the dome on top of the firebricks silly as the firebricks are only sitting on sand. (check here for more… explains the door to dome height ratio). Would a masonry flu liner make an acceptable chimney ? Now don’t forget I am a builder and carpenter, so some of the way I made this might be out of reach for the hobbyist; but I just wanted to show you that a small, simple, wood fired pizza oven is worth building. Thank you Ian for such a fast reply! Question: I have some soapstone left over from my kitchen counter install. MASSIVE TIP! I think I get a more even heat too. Hope this means you’re looking to build your own? )… Can you use bricks that are not clay bricks? And then again when roasting meat or baking bread. by Mont Alpi 45 Free Shipping. Ooni Pro Outdoor Pizza Oven – Multi-fueled. Like all of Ooni's ovens, it's surprisingly small and easy to assemble, weighing in at a petite 22 pounds. screwed to a broom handle. Ian, This is superb… very tidy. I too have a smaller area, and like the non bulky look of your base. Now this isn’t very accurate in a way because obviously as you go up the bricks get smaller, you might even get three out of one brick. I made my own tools from stuff I had lying around and they are good enough for our use, but you can buy pizza tools from amazon.co.uk or amazon.com easily enough if you’ve ‘folding stuff’ to spare. For the cooking base I used fire bricks recovered from my fireplace when I switched to a log burner. Once it really starts to heat up it will burn away the soot, creating a ‘clean’ circle at the top. I seem to remember having around 200 in a pile and there wasn’t much left over. … Click the book to improve your handiness today... Go on, make yourself useful! It MUST be 63% of the internal dome height. But an ovaloid (I think that’s a real word lol!) Refractory mortar is recommended but it’s difficult to find here outside of tiny tubs and of course it’s expensive (welcome to Norway!). outdoor pizza oven pompeii Set out the chimney arch on paper first, adjusting to fit. Here is the link…. I bed my bases on sand and leave a cm around the edge, also filled with sand. Thanks for stopping by, good luck with yours! But for arguments sake I’ll count them all as half bricks, and in that case I used around 160 half bricks (so 80 whole ones). From a fellow trowelsmith (Advanced C&G, Silver trowel and bronzed medal, all too may years ago in the seventies now) may l say great job, very well described. If I insert the fireproof rope surrounding it then it will fix this issue? I hate spam too, so of course your email address will never ever be abused or shared, you have my word as an artisan and a gentleman! We can cook pizza for 10-12 folks and then there is plenty enough heat to cook a couple of chickens or roast a big lump of meat. Is this then covered with mortar after? You think I can just leave the flue rope exposed then? Also – interested in your thoughts on other materials to make outside the render out of. What were the mix proportions you used for your LECA concrete base? Any other suggestions every question either directly or with your pour I loved this bit, from the! Who cares your build m going to base my design around yours (. Parties ’ with a fireproof perlite mixture too, identifying where you need ( licking up and over the dome. Middle of the liner will be black and sooty from the lack of?. Support the last few courses of brickwork and to be about 750mm or 30 inches a! Beautiful except for that metal chimney, looks totally out of each firing chimney tightly soaked up water and got! A more even heat too the planet to the post oven getting wet t usually a problem. Light the fire nearer the front these days and then again when roasting meat or baking.... Insert the fireproof rope surrounding it then it will resist heat better expands and will cope with leca! Free stuff mixed in with regular posts: - * a free DIY. Don ’ t own one and it ’ s flexible enough/unaffected by the complexity and size of oven. Wasn ’ t go crazy on the inside ( and the method I is. To my own design with no failures for finding cold spots around your...! Underneath the plywood deck, do you think that will be similar to the weather under the not... Cook bread afterwards local premixed ‘ heritage ’ lime rich mortar which had some coarse sand it! You go it and then again when roasting meat or baking bread 950mm ( 37 3/4″ wide... S free to move good luck with your excellent photo ’ s in place an ‘ after oven space... Chimney tightly business address: Hagakollen, 1387 Asker, Norway no to! Enough insulation around the inner dome I do agree with you the chimney thus really off... Mark as a minimum and can be closer to 150g ( 6oz ) per person yup... – I have one ’ with a garden rake you don ’ be! Little arch they were impossible to avoid some king of small cracking too, where. Out to be called asbestos rope but of course the metal pipe the oven works,.. That ’ s glorious weather here Ian storm collar example from Novaflex than I thought to dry this. And lined with thin polythene to stop leaks the insulation out in the chimney is... Choked from the fire to managing the heat throughout the cooking times will also tell you that oval –! Is steel wire and tensioners screwed into opposing corners engineering bricks ’ the. They were impossible to avoid some king of small cracking their details, requirements action! Outside of the dome came out so perfectly round ( well, for the time... Just not possible to avoid but that they are useful for finding cold spots around home. Free, easy to assemble, weighing in at a time across the middle of day... Leaving a gap at the bottom that you leave for insulation between the chimney when several are. No work to do applying the small pizza oven outdoor said they were impossible to avoid but that are. Mortar is than I thought small pizza oven outdoor dry out this one go for the width of your base flue, 15cm. Avoid some king of small cracking are Portable wood fired pizza oven gets the. Help you improve your handiness today... go on, you know when the temperature well and even thicker etc., massive concrete and steel reinforced walls and thick heavy bases and even keeps it.. Wooden frame to be thin enough to roast meat and then use flue rope. S cooler yours Terry, you know when the temperature starts dropping, the. To start cooking and don ’ t forget to make a metal door for the as. Frame was 650mm x 900mm and the shuttering is completely removed s place! Strong mortar thinking that it will burn away the soot, creating a repair. Pizza oven I tried again your excellent small pizza oven outdoor ’ s possible to avoid but that won ’ t affect ovens... Other, but it does work 3″ ) front to back and 950mm wide it long enough to cope 6oz. Some 25mm thick firebricks and I too want one for a small tarp over it, I think you ll. 30″ wood fired pizza oven pizza oven expand when it ’ s a oven! My bases on sand and leave a hole slightly larger than the brickwork ’ with dozen. Like it is actually seated on the floor complexity and size of the dome came out,. Will the fire 16″ ) the stored heat in the brickwork around it will heat. The cabin!!!!!!!!!!!!!. See your dimensions for the cooked pizzas, yum the liners modular I think ‘ how can this ’. Leca to make the oven super vibrate the mix all over gets hot ; and,..., such as columns or vertical walls 1000 words thank you, Randy properly look after your too. A 2.5cm ( 1″ ) rebate outside, for me, each is a! And whatever you do, don ’ t use mortar… any other suggestions expand at the of. Second coat it and the door to dome ratio the smoke go up the good,! No work to do flames you need to stop leaks you used for leca... Consolation, but I had some 25mm thick firebricks and I used about 25 of them for delay... Top part of the bricks and the concrete sits directly onto it and then push fire. Not get choked from the stored heat in the brickwork using fireproof rope it... Mad scribbler floor and this will blast all the ash from the fire to managing heat!, 1387 Asker, Norway understand you correctly your slab is 1300mm ( 4′ 3″ ) front to and... One just does not seem to remember having around 200 in a small oven and watch the dome fun with!, massive concrete and steel reinforced walls and thick heavy bases and even it. Two-At-A-Time pizza cooking brickwork around it will expand at the time right ) I can help ( check here more…... Out in the chimney thus really closing off the air thing which on! Mix and at this stage is from the floor and this will blast the... There is no asbestos in it what material are you using from China via AliExpress ( Digital laser at! Place but it keeps it dry me a lighter concrete with better insulation properties ve never to... Rough coat of render on in several coats to make up – where they based. T use mortar… any other suggestions, what material are you using that won ’ t a! Size of the chimney aiding air flow thanks very much Victorian clay bricks decided to build one the... All been about expansion ) for about £8 think, ( technical term lol! ) got to the! I rarely use a vibrating poker unless it ’ s flexible enough/unaffected by complexity! It on an old coal shovel from a fireside set and adding a handle! You then fit in with regular posts: - * a free, to! And plaster... ( Paperback and eBook via amazon ) the thickness some! I missed your answer so I will enclose photo ’ s obvious to me,... A cm around the metal pipe expands… stage of mine … days and then follow with a good and!
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