Man-Friendly Meat Pie. Give soy-free vegan cannelloni a try. Everyone can use another time-saving weeknight recipe. There’s nothing more comforting than creamy scalloped potatoes. Pumpkins are more than just seasonal décor, folks. The meat and veggies in this dish are the perfect cure for a cold night and a hungry family. It’s dairy-free, vegan and will warm your insides through and through. There’s a myth that good soups need to simmer forever. Those yummy veggies and noodles in an aromatic curry broth will make you feel like a tourist in your own kitchen. As well as being tasty, they deliver 5 of your 5-a-day, Substituting half your pasta for swede ribbons and the breast of the duck rather than the leg makes this a leaner, but equally delicious, ragu, Make a stock from roast dinner leftovers to create this chicken and sweetcorn soup. In this recipe, the pressure cooker is the hero, allowing this white bean, winter squash and kale stew to be ready to serve in a little over an hour. What is the best thing to do with homemade tofu ricotta? On cold and dark evenings, warm up with these hearty, delicious and cozy vegan Winter recipes! You'll be getting all of your 5-a-day, Slow cook your next lasagne for extra tender mince – and this version is low-fat and low-calorie. Magazine subscription – save 44% and get a cookbook of your choice. Hello Fresh special offer: Get 50% off your first recipe box, then 35% off the next three. This vegetarian soup is packed with vegetables and lentils - it's healthy, low fat and full of flavour. Let’s celebrate the Indian-inspired recipes that give the world some of the most flavorful food ever. I hate being cold, but one of the best remedies for that is warm soup. These warming vegan Winter recipes will make your dinner cozy and delicious on cold days. Bake a pumpkin with a gorgeous stuffing of rice, fennel, apple, pomegranate seeds and pecans, Instead of calling the Indian takeaway, make your own easy chicken jalfrezi. Turkey mince makes lighter meatballs which kids love. A healthy family meal to give you comfort on cold nights, Take parsnips to another level by turning them into gnocchi with a crunchy walnut crumb. A super beginner-friendly soup recipe that is made with only a few, but hearty … I took my mother’s water-based vegetable soup recipe and worked with it to make the flavors richer. 18 Warm Salad Recipes to Keep It Healthy This Winter Dana Sandonato. This orzo risotto with Brussels sprouts fits the bill quite nicely. Tis the season for all things pumpkin — they’re not just for dessert. Tomato Basil Soup. Make Vegetable Lasagna Soup, of course. All of the comforting, familiar flavors of the classic Italian dish delivered to my taste buds in a whole new way. But this is 2019—you can make anything healthy if you have the right recipes and ingredients on hand. It’s also vegan, oil and gluten-free. New! That’s what you can be eating in 40 minutes if you start right now! Add a crispy piece of toast and you’ve got a ticket to culinary ecstasy. Lentil and Swiss chard should have hooked up a long time ago. Red curry paste and coconut milk equals a flavor extravaganza. Layer them with vegan sausages and suddenly you’ve made an easy meal that will satisfy the even the pickiest eaters in the family. Everyone will wonder when you had time to run off to cooking school. Something magical happens when you slow-cook beef in red … Tired of tofu? Here are 20 healthy warm winter salads that will keep you healthy, full and out of hibernation all winter long. Pureed tomatoes, aromatics, a few spices and some cooked tortellini — a whole comforting meal in under an hour. You’ve got my attention. It's bursting with nutrients, low in calories and packed with flavour, Ready in less than an hour, this easy, vegetarian curry recipe made with pan-fried Indian cheese and vegetables is also cheap to prepare. Less spicy and a little sweeter than their Indian and Thai counterparts, they are an ideal vehicle for veggies of all types.
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