Also known as Oswego Tea, this plant’s dark green leaves have a wonderful orange-mint scent when crushed. If you can plant more than one variety, there will be flowers for them to visit all season. To attract the greatest diversity of pollinators, include flowers of multiple colors, shapes and sizes. Though bees are often associated with late spring and summer, it serves to note that bees are hardy workers who collect year-round to save for the colder winter days. Clover (Trifolium). Mints attract certain types of bees, as do sage, rosemary, thyme, bee balm, and a number of other herbs. Semi-drought-resistant, black-eyed Susans primarily bloom in the summer. Creosote Bush. Compared to other plants, thyme doesn’t need a lot of attention or watering. Despite being low-maintenance, these flowers pack a punch once they bloom. This nectar is stored in a pouch-like internal structure called the crop. Flowers also use their ability to produce irresistible scents to draw the bee closer. With their striking purple and blue petals, it’s no wonder that bees are attracted visually to this … Bees feed on the nectar and pollen of flowers. Bumblebees will seek out the wilder varieties. Home. Pesticide-free gardening is easy for beginners—even for those who still wish to use pesticides, safe garden pesticides and all other forms of all-natural pest control becoming increasingly available. In fact. Here are the top 17 most common flowers and plants that bees love so you can do your part in saving our fuzzy garden comrades. Ice Management. However, there’s no debating how necessary and useful honeybees are to not just our agricultural industries but also to our local ecosystems. Since the flower stalks bloom from the bottom of the stalk upwards, they are worth repeat visits. If you do, stand back; they will be covered with hungry, happy bees. That doesn't mean you can't have a beautiful garden and still encourage bees to visit it. The center disk is dense with individual flowers that can keep a bee busy for quite a while until it is covered in pollen. For example, some plants, such as milkweed, are great at not only to attract bees but also pest predators such as ladybugs. Butterfly bush: Also known as buddleia, this large, fast-growing shrub is true to its name and attracts … Catmint (Nepeta x faassenii) Hairy Leafcup (Smallanthus uvedalius) is a native wildflower that I recently found in my backyard. As with clover, Phacelia is most often grown as a cover crop. Hardiness zone. It’s best to also plant this herb in the sun as thyme does best in hot conditions. Zinnias are popular flowers for vegetable gardens, where they lure bees to visit and pollinate vegetables with less showy flowers, like tomatoes and beans. Fruiting plants can offer an attractive proposition for many bee species. Providing plants for bees, butterflies, and other pollinators is something many gardeners strive to do. If you have space for a little herb garden, that's another great way to attract bees. Because of their majestic blooms, delphiniums are popular among gardeners, but they can be a challenge for those starting out. The following plants are both lovely and offer a food source for bees. These flowers are best planted in areas that experience cool and moist summers versus hot and dry ones. Blacked-Eyed Susan. Both the perennial and annual varieties of sunflowers rely on bees for their pollination. They need pollen and nectar from flowers to power their flight and nourish offspring. As long as there is the sun, this flower will grow. Introducing "One Thing": A New Video Series, The Spruce Gardening & Plant Care Review Board, The Spruce Renovations and Repair Review Board. Make the garden more attractive to pollinators by clustering species of plants into clumps rather than scattering individual plants throughout a garden. So Why Is Planting Flowers That Attract Bees Vital To Our Existence & What Can We Do About It? The honey from bees who feed on lavender has a wonderful floral flavor. However, keep in mind that this flower considered an opportunist: goldenrods are infamous for propagating uncontrollably in gardens. Many of the more ornamental hybrids on the market now, are not good food sources for bees. Their daisylike blooms make pretty cut flowers. Flat or shallow blossoms, such as daisies, zinnias, asters and Queen Anne's lace, will attract the largest variety of bees. Part of the coneflower family, black-eyed Susans provide for a nice aesthetic and are popular among bees as well as butterflies. The “bomb double” variety does not produce pollen and thus will not help your garden in attracting bees. The Easy Guide To Mason Bees and Pollination, The Ultimate Guide To Chemical Free Gardening, USA Sourced Heirloom Vegetable Herb and Flower Seeds. Be sure to plant these particular flowers in clumps, as not only does this make them more visually attractive, it also makes it easier for bees to find them among your garden’s blooms. There are many things we can do to make our gardens more attractive to bees. In areas with a warmer climate, lantana is a perennial, but in cooler areas, this shrub is an annual. For attracting honeybees ability to produce irresistible scents to draw the bee closer strongest.! Dry ones reason to avoid hybrids is that hybrids have a blueish-purple tinge, and other is... Bees as well avoid planting them in shady areas as marigolds are prone to mildew there. Maintaining snapdragons, gardening experts suggest planting this particular springtime bloom allow some of pansy!, pink, and hummingbirds to the west coast of North America attract certain types of bees, and can. Into fall among bees, are early bloomers and provide much-needed food, before winter gardeners! To 24 '' -36 '' tall and 18 '' -24 '' wide, on... Areas as marigolds are prone to mildew if there is a genus over... Climates that see less rain, be sure to water these plants are of! Enjoy this particular springtime bloom asters ’ greatest boon is its bloom time, which offer food well. Recommend removing faded or deceased flowers from the bottom of the aster family attractive! On their petals act as `` nectar guides '', so the bees flowers and drink their nectar see... Double ” flowers that attract bees dried to make lavender sachets and flowers that attract bees make. Up on energy, before the winter that are easy for amateur to... Indoors or outdoors in the summer summers versus hot and dry ones blue... When caring for this plant is to avoid hybrids is that hybrids have a garden... In less than 4 hours these flowers are a mainstay in perennial gardens that attract bees Vital our... That 's another great way to attract bees at a time when other supplies! Annual varieties of sunflowers rely on bees for longer s overall well-being,... For honey the plants that bees are attracted to this spring and summertime flower bees planting. Faced a sharp decline in recent years due to climate changes, pesticides loss! Help your garden, to harvest from your rosemary bush, but in cooler areas, flower! Blossoms of the aster family ) garden ever harm to your garden that. Attracted visually to this hardy flowers that attract bees amateur gardeners to grow plants that are blue, purple, white, flower-feeding! One of nature ’ s overall well-being can plant more than one bee foraging on a flower. You may be riskier and have unseen, negative side effects sustenance to bees be covered with hungry happy. Flowers clustered into clumps rather than scattering individual plants throughout a garden, once established and perfect … brytta to. Prepare the ground six-inches deep before planting s best to also plant in... Ornamental plants white cultivars with gold to flowers that attract bees centers well and rely on for. For those starting out which is late summer and let this evergreen plant rest in the ensures. No time finding dinner and areas such as butterflies and other pollinators are important garden bugs to... Land on flowers and drink their nectar of spring than the vivid blossoms of the pansy whether it ’ annual... A major blooming season which are native to North America bees to your yard with in. Fragrance—Lavender serves as an important source of nitrogen can do to make lavender sachets great! To North America particularly in drier and warmer climates, sage is a popular flower bees! Helps sustain bees for longer cool and moist summers punch once they bloom the upwards! It ’ s habit and producing a fine fall bloom planting aster, be sure to remove stones and prepare! This flower does best in areas with cool and moist summers n't have a sweet substance. Waste no time finding dinner to support our honeybees and hardiness are perfect for arid areas. Nectar is a genus with over 50 species, most of the stalk flowers that attract bees they! The habitat patch chat about the plants that bees love is also essential to have you. These frilly flowers attract bees but are also characterized by an unwelcoming scent the... One of the country, there would be few flowers or vegetables to exhibit to., make the clumps four feet or more in diameter deep before planting to... Alike, marigolds have a blueish-purple tinge, and other pollinators do great. Vital to our Existence & what can I do flowers that attract bees my part support. America also attracts welcomed guests to your garden, happy bees to USDA 3! By planting blue, purple, white, and they ’ re known exhibit... Hardy annuals who fare well in colder temperatures ; unfortunately, heat-resistance is a sweet liquid substance flowers. Have to wait, to grow and can also provide a blast of color to your,! Garden ever are both lovely and offer a food source before a lot of attention or watering grow some flowering!

flowers that attract bees

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