On their first day of school, they were accosted by 3 bullies named Randy, Keith & Troy, who Jeff brutally beat up after they threatened them with knives. I always have a bloody knife in my dreams even when I close my eyes hehe and I usually have to stop my self from stabbing every one in the throat and stabbing out their eyes and putting a smile on one side of their face and a frown on the other and writing bloody death on the walls with their blood plus I haven't slept for a few days and this has been going on since I was 7 hehehehe I don't care what you all call me hehehe cuz you'll remember the name BLOODY DEATH, I'm so afraid to see him one day.. i hope not. 491. I believe Jeff should do whatever he wants he's amazing and kinda cute, Oh and btw he's the greatest person you'll ever meet if u survive of course �� -#EA kitty cat ��. i feel the same way about my parents i dont care about them at all.F*** them.JEFF COME AND FIND ME. i would marry jeff if i could :), but he doesnt know that im am more of a killer than he ever will be. Maybe when I was in middle school you could have called me a fangirl, but I learned better. Idk but I've seen Jeff on my way to school the other day hehehe I look up to him. Are you lonely? This is a Yaoi and incest story about 2 brothers who became creepypastas. I just wish I could meet him. HD Cute White Demon Girl. in the video i finally saw him...again, i̢̟̳̮̟͕̻̤̻͓̫̯̞̠̞̘͔͎̞͆͋͂ͦͫͬ̀͡͝v̀̔̇ͤͣ̅̔̉͆̏̚҉̧̛̼̥̦̲͢e̵̡̬̝̗̘̜̞̱̯ͨ́̓̔͐ͨͨͧͮ͋̄͊̒ͭ ̨̍̆̀͂̀͏̧̖̗̮̳̺͉͍̘̼͙̗̕f̴̡̛̞̫͉͉͔͙͉̤́ͮͦͯ̈ͬ̅̅̈ͩ͗ͤͭ͠ȍ̴̸̬̦̠͈͓͙̟̣̦͈̝̪̦̻̰̞̌ͤ̓͟͢͝u͍͚̼ͤ̄͋͑̈́́n̉̔̍̊̂ͨ̍̓҉͏͙̰̗̟̘̝͈̭̹̻̞̺̝͚͚̬̗d̗̮̘̥̮͙̘̈́̄̓̓͂̒̓ͤͪ́̒ͧ̕͢ ̸̶̛̘̬̗̫̗̺͈͍͇̟̜͎̳̱́͐ͮ̿̎ͭ̿̈̑y̷̮̹͙̹̩̝̫̞̲̻͕̜̹͌͑͌͆̋ͦ̃̊̾̂̽̕̕͠o̵͕̮̺̼͓̎̍̍͑̉̃̉̚̕ͅu̸̢͆̂̑͌͆̔̾͗̆̚҉̘̺̜͚̖͡. I honestly see myself as lucky. "I'm insane. Request are ALWAYS open. Please someone tell me the truth is Jeff really dead (my friends tell me is dead), did he have a kid with Jane,is she real and where is he now? Also im becoming insainsane here, and i am starting to here voices in my head. I even felt that he was whispering "Hello." Advertisement artwork wallpapers anime wallpapers. And I wasn't only always in the defensive. Jeff the Killer- Anime Opening Animation (Fan Made) - YouTube One deranged killer who wears pink boxers. Jeff The Killer is a character who ranks in popularity amongst Slender Man as one of Creepypasta's most popular villains. When i came back and looked out, he was gone. Ask to Jeff The Killer whatever you want. Ever grapple with a sharp knife? At first it was against my will, I hated the very thought. A fan of creepypasta? Jeff mumbled to himself before getting splashed in the face. I am one of those people. But, who's to say it wasn't posted on the internet somewhere BEFORE it was posted here? It's possible he's real, Infact I know someone that fits his profile all but the being burned alive part..I won't name names here but I have an old childhood friend, We became friends because we lived down the road from each other and we was both poor as kids (him more than me though) We was both bullied (him worser than me though) Well some time after we graduated I heard his name on the police scanner and that he was in a fight while visiting a relative's grave in the cemetery, He not only kicked the other fella's ass but stabbed him in the eye, What caused the fight was the fellow was bad mouthing his mom and teasing him. kimberly firat of all it might not be jeff beacuse if it was him you would be dead by now that sounds more like eyeless jacks stayle Second i think you might have scizophrenia beacuse halucinations are one of the symptoms and you also might check out a psychologist or two beacuse you might be insane and if we are going from the oreginal liu is dead and if we are going to take 'real jane the killer story' as being true thean liu is dead as fuck And for you to say that you are not scared of jeffry if bull crap im not scared of jeff or slender man either but its one thing to see over the internet and a nother in real life, hehe sound like me but i dont really talk about my urge to kill cause my family would put me in an insane asylum, same here man my parent tried to put me in broad moore hospital but I ran away from home. Going around murdering people is not my cup of tea. I wouldn't be surprised if he moved around alot. I think about killing people, I want to pair up with Jeff and kill everyone Hheehhahahah!" I cant be more agree with you dude. Dose anyone else see the crazy jumbled words like five posts up that you have to highlight to read????? And reading the description of Jeff He was in fact the one I saw out my window. I feel connected to him and....I'm over somewhat insane.Bullying,abuse,neglect,all these things have created Pine Tree State this manner.http://www.jeffthekillergame.com/ I may look "emo" however I try and hide it behind a smile.Which is why I even have a permanent one.I failed to CARVE IT INTO MY FACE IT simply HAPPENED NATURALLY,THE CORNERS OF MY MOUTH simply ensue.Anyway,as i used to be language,I want I even have a reference to him.And I'm not a fangirl,just to be clear.I am simply researching him,trying to work out if I will find him or not.Yes I notice he is a killer and that i do not care if he kills Pine Tree State.Weird stuff has been happening of late,I have several symptoms of Slender illness,and I'm dangerous .Which is why i am bloody attempting to seek out the killer.I believe he is real and he is visited Pine Tree State,most likely as a result of I even have woken up with strange cuts and burn marks and have had countless inexplicable things happen to Pine Tree State.And-I'm done sharing all this info.All i am attempting to mention is that I feel a association to the current guy,and I am not about to stop till i buy answers.... Stop them.-Elizabeth C. Hall, AKA 'Annya', You never know guys, maybe he just gave us a sign that he's real.Maybe he wants us to fear him more, and to think that he could kill us at any moment.I'm not sure about this.. I'm seventeen now. -LGBTQ+ representation (cause fuck homophobes) Sadly it has happened so many times that she has gotten used to it and no longer resists... "Do I scare you, detective?" I really think he's there.For me, he's beautiful. I hope you enjoy. Ill make another Blog soon. That's the most logical theory i have for now. One went crazy and one was depressed after the other left him. HD wallpapers and background images so many people fake these "encounters" it's quite sad to be honest. the thing i wanna know is where could he be??? you are in the darkness huh i dont know shit about it the darkness beacuse you arent the real jeff you are just a 12 year old kidd who wants to be him now beafore you get your thorath slith i sugest you drink you milk and GO TO SLEEP! Anime Chat Room an anime bot that expresses emotions Alias: @Anime Chat Room Categories: Fun Tags: female, anime Created: ... Jeff the killer Live Chat Evil, unstable, hot- wait what? But I think that he excist.That is my opinion. Because he's not a little boy, not any more. You can also upload and share your favorite Jeff the Killer wallpapers. As i said in my last blog, after he got caught on surveillance camera on  January 6th, 2011, he disappeared. "Jane the Killer" and this is how I met Jeff, the reason I look the way I do, and why I want to kill him. Je veux absolument le voir (oui, je suis fan). Chat with Jeff The Killer's chatbot is very easy and funny I am not a sleep insominac but i am someone who has epilepsy. (y/n)....right half of her face is burned. I think he spared his brother's life, since I don't think he did kill him.Heck, I felt that he was the one who's watching me.Ever since this happened, I began to have an urge to kill and hurt people as well. There might also be street, city scene, urban setting, and business suit. "A little." Now there has been a video i saw not recently on the famous website called YouTube, that these kids seemed to have caught him again, on camera. hello every one it me jeff i dont know why i killed my brother it jsut felt like the right thing at the time but i can tell you this you may not belive that i'm real but that fine it just mean that you wont supect me coming and you will die like my brother and the bitch jane didnt die by my hand you will seen that she died in child birthbut on the other hand i got your ip adress and one by one i will find you and make you got to sleep your sincerely jeff the killer, ^^^yeah you jeff im the guy who wanted to fight that bitch insane the killer i want to see you try to kill me little punk im on your list right why not skip a few peapole let theam enjoy life a little longer and kill me first, empty threats my boy empty threast if you were the real jeff i would be dead by now its easy to play a thought guy on the internet acting like you are some thing and some one while you have an empty life you are no one and nobody you are just a pathetic exsue for a human being. O.oEeep! How about in China and Hong Kong? I mean how would we get all this information? I remain yours, -Elizabeth C. Hall, AKA 'Annya'. What really ticks me off? If you want to chat just create an account and begin talking. but for now, he roams free. Stop while you still can! I really think he is still alive because i have been studying him for the last few years an there's lots of evidence that he's still alive you just have to know where to look... just wait he will find u i think he's beautiful what about you? I doubt anyone knows where he is. I mean anyone to seek him would most likely be killed. See more ideas about jeff the killer, killer, creepypasta. Like no, holy fuck he hates everyone and doesn't want a girlfriend. "Noooo!" Or planning on going too that is? I don't know, Irish. i would marry jeff if i could :), but he doesnt know that im am more of a killer than he ever will be. what puzzles me about Jeff is why did he kill his parents and little brother? I believe in Jeff too, but some of you are just..wow. Jeff the Killer … Jeff The Killer is a first person horror game for those who enjoy tension and scary moments and you can play it online and for free on Silvergames.com. Jeff should remain free. !>~<, Holy shit let me rest in piss I live in Florida. I also don't think people get the face that HE KILLED HIS FAMILY. He's a man, and he's a monster, so to speak. ....He's fucking real. what is at the foot of your bed it must be scary once i find Jeff i wanna wipe that bloody smile off his face :):):):):):):):):):):) he he he he he he he he he he he he he!!! Contains: Ever seen somebody get mad at a game? So I guess. Don't you understand, you will never catch me. I don't want to die... it pains me to knoow there is no way to speak with him... the real Jeff... without losing your life. Had to fight, run, fight, run, fight. -Don't be an asshole if y... Read at your own risk! I LOVE JEFF. Kongregate free online game JeFF the Killer - Suddenly you wake up by a scream, what happened? I, being scared shitless, called the police. today I finally saw it its the part when they actually study the bushes. But you guys dont have an eye to see the beauty of its nature and you guys never will!! I THINK I KNOW WHERE HE MIGHT BE,I live in texas, so im a little scared, i got a phone call from florida, i heard a man speaking creepy, i heard noises, i said nothing the whole time, i didnt understand what he said, all i heared is urhhfieichoeayekao, i heared some screams, i panick, and ended the call, He might be in florida, if u hav suggestions, reply please, Holy frick, I live in Texas too!!! Well for all we know he could be anywhere. By reading almost every story anyone who sees him will die. maybe Jeff moves place to place. BUT! Anime jeff the killer hd wallpapers and pictures imghd browse and 1024×1365. oh we got a lot in common me and jeff.thats why im worried about myself, Same here hehehe but I'm not worried if I die cuz I only believe in dying not being reborn or any of that stuff, just reading some of these comments about jeff and in way i feel bad for him and at the same time i think he could be real idk. Je suis prête à faire le tour du monde pour le rencontrer. how could he get to Europe? You giggled before doing it again, shrieking when he dove for you and tried to dunk your head.

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